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Dirk Zeller

Dirk Zeller

As an agent who rose to the top of the real estate field quickly, Dirk Zeller has been on a meteoric rise since he began his career in 1990. Throughout his real estate career, Zeller was recognized numerous times as one of the leading agents in North America. Zeller has been described by many industry insiders as the most successful agent in terms of high production with life balance. Prior to his real estate career, Zeller was a professional racquetball player for four years. Through one-on-one racquetball competition, he forged a winning attitude and winning habits. His competitive strategies on the racquetball court translated to big success in selling real estate. Zeller is currently the CEO of Real Estate Champions, the premier coaching company in the real estate industry. The company was founded to provide real tools and strategies that real estate agents and managers can use to increase their wealth in their business and personal life.

Taking Your Team to the Champion Level    9:50 - 10:35 Room B

In this program, you will learn not only how to build a team but how to create a high performance team. Whether you desire to have a small or large team of people, you will learn the next moves in strategies, tactics, systems, training, and accountability for where you are and where you want to go. You’ll learn the 7 questions to ask yourself to determine the right size team for you; the 4 ways to increase production; the 7 characteristics of Champion Teams; how to establish your team’s organizational structure; how to set performance standards and accountability systems and much more. This revolutionary program will guarantee that you avoid the mistakes most agents face when they build their teams.

Using Your Personal Safety to Increase Sales    10:55 - 10:40 Room B

Protecting yourself is more than being aware, using your intuition or taking self-defense classes. It’s having the right sales strategies, sales skills and sales scripts to convince a prospect of your unique value. To sell your value so they desire to meet you at your office or Starbucks. This powerful break out session will give you the tools to elevate your value to the buyer. Use universal, vacant home, company policy and straight forward personal safety scripts. Additionally, you’ll learn how to respond to the typical objections like “I have limited time,” “can’t you just meet me at the home?,” “I will just use another agent,” and “I am right in front of the home.” Attend this session and you will learn to use personal safety as an effective sales strategy to increase your income.