Vertex 15 Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Rick DeLuca

Rick DeLuca

Rick started his real estate career in 1976. That same year he had 42 sales and became a multi-million dollar salesman every year thereafter. Averaging nearly 200 sales per year, DeLuca earned Salesman of Year honors with a record of 292 transactions. With less than five years in real estate, DeLuca bought the company he worked for and grew it from 40 agents to 193 agents. While increasing the size of his company, he shared his system of success with his agents. Although 80 percent of his agents were hired as new licensees, they achieved national recognition for production. DeLuca blends his proven teaching ability with a sense of real world ideas that audiences greatly appreciate. Not just a speaker, he has been out there on the firing line just like his peers. That may be why his system of success has helped so many real estate professionals increase their production and overall efficiency.

Opening Session - It Takes Courage to Change

Just about everyone would agree that making a change to what we’ve become used to can be awkward, frustrating and uncomfortable. However, we also recognize if you’re going to take your production to the next level, change is inevitable. The key is to focus on the most successful activities proven to generate a high volume of business. This program will highlight a path to great success and the change necessary to accomplish it.

PART 1: From Success to Super Stardom (two part session)

Part 1: 1:45 - 2:30 ROOM C,D
Part 2: 2:50 - 3:35 ROOM C,D

This session is meant for those agents who are already successful, but want to reach the next level of production. You’ll learn how to increase sales volume while learning specific ideas to work more efficiently. Rick will also share many examples of other agents throughout the U.S. using these very ideas to reach record levels of production.