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Terri Murphy

Terri Murphy

Online, offline, written, spoken, blogged or tweeted—Terri Murphy cuts through the barriers to help you connect with prospects to make more sales. She helps people understand the simple steps they need to connect with prospects online and convert them to paying customers offline. It’s all about relationships, and how you use, (or don’t use) the new communication channels that either make you invisible online or have the power to position you as the super star resource in your market space. As an e-communication specialist, Murphy de-mystifies the confusing and often frustrating world of on and offline marketing and communication, and she excels on the platform at making the information fun, funny and easy to implement the very minute you walk out of the program.

5 Marketing Super Secrets to make you the Rock Star of your Marketplace
9:50 - 10:35 Room A

Want to make prospects come to you? Discover how to use new engagement strategies and become the rock star of your market. Learn how to ditch the old tired tactics and get the scoop on the new innovations to serve all generational prospects and preferences to connect directly with you for more sales! You’ll leave this session with a five step blueprint on how to attract, engage, connect and convert more prospects into profits with fresh new marketing tips and systems.

Connect Online to Convert Offline: 7 Money Making Strategies for Real Results Using Social Media     1:45 - 2:30 Room A

Are you confused about how to bridge the gap online to get real measureable sales offline? Discover the 7 simple steps you can use to show a trackable return on your time investment by shifting from being on social media to making social media work for you. Terri shares real strategies from agents who are booking over 50 sales a year, simply from their social media channels. It’s about using both on and offline strategies to build a digital footprint that rocks! You’ll also learn the most common mistake agents make with social media marketing.